Hemphill County

Hemphill County can boast being home to a true Texas oasis. The Canadian and Washita Rivers, along with all of their tributaries, symbolize not only a precious resource, but a way of life surrounding water that has defined our community for more than a century.

As a rural and progressive community, Canadian is embraced in a rich heritage past, yet poised and ambitious towards the future. Protecting our natural assets, namely water, through outreach programs and educational events is a key component to striking that delicate balance between, then, now, and tomorrow.

Canadian River Walking Bridge - Credit Laurie Ezzell
Old Canadian River Bridge – Photo by Laurie Ezzell

Planning to Drill a New Water Well?

The District has adopted rules that regulate the use of groundwater with well spacing, well permitting and production limits. Every well in Hemphill County is to be registered or permitted based on its exempt or non exempt use status.

3D Lithological model of the Ogallala Aquifer in Hemphill County